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Coaches Have Lives Too! Achieving Balance in Your Life

No one would doubt the intense drive and dedication most coaches bring to their sport. They live it, breathe it, talk it, and play it with immense focus and enthusiasm. As Vince Lombardi, one of football’s most accomplished and respected coaches once quipped, "If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?" Coaches definitely want to win!

One of the potential down sides to having an intense all-consuming goal is that other areas of your life can become sorely neglected. No person is one dimensional; we all have other major areas of our lives that need attention. And when one or more of those major areas is left unattended, we become unbalanced and eventually unhappy.

Take a moment to imagine a wheel with six different spokes reaching out to the rim. Let’s suppose that several of those spokes were broken off and couldn’t support the wheel as it turned; it would be a very lopsided and ineffective ride! The same thing happens when our lives are not balanced in all the important areas; we become dangerously lopsided in our personal and even professional life.

Six Major Life Areas

Of course it’s perfectly all right to have strong goals for yourself and your team as their coach and leader, but is it necessary to neglect your health or your family or your spiritual life as a result? Hopefully not! Truly great coaches recognize that in order to achieve their full potential they must strive for a balance in ALL six major areas of life.

#1 Family/Home: These goals define your commitment to your loved ones.

#2 Financial/Career: These goals reflect your earnings, savings, and investments and guide your choices about career advancements and charitable giving.

#3 Mental/Educational: These goals guide you toward intellectual pursuits and the joy of learning new things.

#4 Physical/Health: These goals deal with your overall health and fitness.

#5 Social/Cultural: These goals challenge you to interact well with others and accept and grow from new challenges and experiences.

#6 Spiritual/Ethical: These goals concern your relationship with your Creator and set your moral and ethical standards of behavior and conduct.

It’s often tempting to say we are too busy to review and correct these important issues. But when you think about it, that feeling is extremely short sighted. After all, if your "wheel" is terribly lopsided, your actions will be inefficient. And over time a lopsided person will be passed by virtually everyone! The point is that sometimes you have to slow down in order to speed up.

Setting Your Goals

After you have assessed both your areas of strengths and weaknesses, you are ready to begin the next important step: setting concrete goals in each of the six areas of your life. You can have as many goals as you like under each heading, but since you cannot do everything at once, you will have to prioritize your goals according to their importance.

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